EMPIRE LINES uncovers the unexpected, often two-way, flows of Empires through art.

Interdisciplinary thinkers use individual artworks as artefacts of imperial exchange, revealing the how and why of the monolith ‘Empire’.

MUSIC: Combinación // The Dubbstyle.

COVER ART: Claudia Chan.

PRODUCER: Jelena Sofronijevic.

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I was also interviewed for the EMPIRE LINES podcast launch for BBC Radio Shropshire.

Mid-morning on BBC Radio Shropshire with Jim Hawkins – 01-10-2020

To promote the series, I have written for the likes of Museums and Galleries Edinburgh, featured in interviews, and hosted events with Retrospect Journal (08-04-2021):

Extract from Listening to Empire: Making Podcasts with Producer Jelena Sofronijevic (08-04-2021). You can listen to the recording, or read the full interview on Retrospect Journal.

EMPIRE LINES has also been reviewed in cultural newsletters including Poltern.