‘Buy Local’?: The Myth of Food Miles is a food sustainability podcast, published as part of Net Zero 2030: A Tortoise Moonshot, led by Tortoise editor Giles Whittell.

Buy local? It sounds good, but shrinking the huge carbon footprint of the global food and agriculture business isn’t that simple. Jelena Sofronijevic went in search of solutions that might actually work.

Producer and Reporter: Jelena Sofronijevic

Editor: Imy Harper

Illustration: Lizzie Lomax

‘Buy Local’?: The Myth of Food Miles – Tortoise – 28-08-2020

Tortoise ThinkIn: Net Zero by 2030 – what would it take? – Tortoise – 03-09-2020

Tortoise ThinkIn: Feeding the world sustainably after Covid: how will we do it? – Tortoise – 26-01-2021

In November 2021, I presented an episode of The Bunker about the future of restaurants, featuring Corey Mintz, author of The Next Supper, and Eater London’s Adam Coghlan. Beyond the immediate business impacts, this episode explores how restaurant culture has been affected by COVID and Brexit, how food cultures have developed across geographies and histories, ‘democratic’ kinds of dining, and how social media and sustainability have shaped cuisine today.

The Last Supper – Is it the end of restaurants? – The Bunker – 26-01-2022

I have also presented events at Fortnum’s Food & Drink Studios, with award-winning food writer, Fliss Freeborn.

In the Studios: Fliss Freeborn on Savvy Student Cooking – Fortnum and Mason’s Food and Drink Studios, London – 04-09-2023