I presented an episode of BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought (September 2020) on modern Yugoslav diasporic identity.

Telford, Little Yugoslavia – BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought – 02-09-2020

Telford, Little Yugoslavia was later selected for BBC Radio 4’s Pick of the Week. I was interviewed about the episode for BBC Radio Shropshire, the Shropshire Star, and Britić.

The Cool Seat – Mid-morning on BBC Radio Shropshire with Jim Hawkins – 24-09-2020

I recently presented an episode of The Bunker with Una Hajdari and Professor James Ker-Lindsay about the changing political dynamics in Bosnia, from Dodik and Republika Srpska, to the Balkans.

Are the Balkans on the brink of war? – The Bunker – 25-11-2021

During my Politics degree, I pursued interdisciplinary courses and ‘alternative’ sources, including art and testimonies, to illuminate twentieth-century cultural histories from new perspectives. Published by the Political Studies Association, my dissertation uses contemporary political satires to uniquely unpack Tito’s socialist Yugoslavia. I have been interviewed about my academic research for Britić and Lockdown Lectures.

Episode 11: Satire and Yugoslav socialism – Lockdown Lectures – 09-09-2020

Tortoise ThinkIn: Victoria, Succession and Stephen: Is drama better at news than journalism? – Tortoise – 08-09-2021


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