I presented an episode of BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought (September 2020) on modern Yugoslav diasporic identity.

Telford, Little Yugoslavia – BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought – 02-09-2020

Telford, Little Yugoslavia was later selected for BBC Radio 4’s Pick of the Week. I was interviewed about the episode for BBC Radio Shropshire, the Shropshire Star, and Britić.

The Cool Seat – Mid-morning on BBC Radio Shropshire with Jim Hawkins – 24-09-2020

In November 2021, I presented an episode of The Bunker with Una Hajdari and Professor James Ker-Lindsay about the changing political dynamics in Bosnia and the Balkans, from Dayton to Dodik, ethnic tensions in Republika Srpska, Russia, and the EU. It received critical acclaim in Politico and Britić.

Are the Balkans on the brink of war? – The Bunker – 25-11-2021

I presented a follow up episode in August 2022 with Una Hajdari about what number plates reveal about ongoing conflicts between Serbians and Albanians in Kosovo.

Inside Europe’s Next Flashpoint – The Bunker – 17-08-2022

I was interviewed about my work covering Eastern European and South Slavic identities and immigration on the podcast Media Storm, from The Guilty Feminist.

Bonus episode – White (Other): Anti-Eastern European prejudice – Media Storm – 04-11-2022

During my Politics degree, I pursued interdisciplinary courses and ‘alternative’ sources, including art and testimonies, to illuminate twentieth-century cultural histories from new perspectives. Published by the Political Studies Association, my dissertation uses contemporary political satires to uniquely unpack Tito’s socialist Yugoslavia. I have been interviewed about my academic research for Britić and Lockdown Lectures, and seek to expand representation of arts and culture from the Balkans, ‘Central and Eastern Europe’, and transnational connections, including
the Non-Aligned Movement.

Episode 11: Satire and Yugoslav socialism – Lockdown Lectures – 09-09-2020

Tortoise ThinkIn: Victoria, Succession and Stephen: Is drama better at news than journalism? – Tortoise – 08-09-2021



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