I grasp every opportunity to make interesting, thought-provoking content at the intersections of intercultural political history and the arts.

During my Politics degree, I pursued interdisciplinary courses and ‘alternative’ sources, including art and testimonies, to illuminate twentieth-century cultural histories from new perspectives. Published by the Political Studies Association, my dissertation uses contemporary political satires to uniquely unpack Tito’s socialist Yugoslavia. I presented an episode of BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought (September 2020) on modern Yugoslav diasporic identity, later selected for BBC Radio 4’s Pick of the Week and featured on BBC Radio Shropshire.

For three years and Edinburgh Festivals, I have produced and presented live political-cultural radio programmes for FreshAir.org.uk, Edinburgh’s student radio station. As Press Manager (FreshFringe 2019) and Head of Arts (2019-2020), I professionalised, expanded, and amplified the station’s cultural programming. Some broadcasting highlights include: an in-exhibition feature with Senior Curator Alice Strang, from Paula Rego: Obedience and Defiance at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art; interviews with Richard Blair (George Orwell’s son) and David Greig (Artistic Director at the Lyceum Theatre); performances from Scottish-Kenyan storyteller Mara Menzies; on-locations in Leith Theatre and the Scott Monument.

From academic and cultural articles, to AV student learning resources, I regularly pitch, produce, and copy edit written content. I feature in print and digital publications including Leviathan, Retrospect, The Student, and The Broad, LOAF, Wildfell, and Wikipedia.

I use audio and narrative storytelling to deconstruct seemingly ‘simple’ sociopolitical issues, and platform alternative, marginalised perspectives.

I am particularly interested in questions surrounding sustainability. My debut podcast documentary series, INDIAscussion (February 2020), unpacks environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability in the Indian textile industry. I produced a food sustainability podcast for Net Zero 2030: A Tortoise Moonshot (August 2020), led by Tortoise editor Giles Whittell. I am currently producing Liberating Sustainability (November 2020), which calls for intersectionality in sustainability activism and education. The series was commissioned by Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK), an educational charity responding to the climate emergency, and the National Union of Students (NUS).

My upcoming podcast series, EMPIRE LINES (October 2020), uncovers unexpected flows of Empires through artworks.

I have undertaken freelance work in content production, creating audio resources and podcasts for Oarbt’s virtual global arts exhibitions.

I am now a Producer at PODMASTERS, working on topical political podcasts, Oh God, What Now? (formerly Remainiacs), The Bunker, Inside Briefing with the Institute for Government, and Bigmouth. Beyond content creation, these roles demand strong marketing and social media skills.